Preserving the Swiss Heritage in Minnesota


Welcome to the Swiss Benevolent Society of St. Paul, Minnesota

Village of Vals In 1913 when this society was founded, unfortunately, men and women did not receive any public support. Historically, this society served the Swiss women in distress while the men had their own organization helping Swiss men and their families in need. Find out more about the historic background in our History section of this website.

Today's Swiss Benevolent Society of St. Paul still maintains some of its original goals. However, even an organization bound to traditional values needs to go just a tiny bit with the times. Do not worry, there is no need to join Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news from us. Please check out the Membership section of the website on how you can join the Society.

A big part of this type of social network has always been meeting with one another. Perhaps, many of you have first met during one of our traditional events, or was it your mom or dad who introduced you to this society? You can explore Upcoming Events as well as Past Events on this website. Make sure you reserve the appropriate dates in your calendar.

The original focus of the Swiss Benevolent Society of St. Paul has shifted from mostly financial and moral support in times of crisis to an organization that treasures the Swiss heritage and the mutual friendships that spring from this.

Many of you are not computer geeks and wonder how often you need to check this website for news. You will not miss any important news if you check it about once per month. Of course, a website is a wonderful instrument to share information.

It would be marvelous to enrich this website with historical information about this society from way back when. Please do not hesitate to contact us with pertinent information. Together, we can make this website an interesting place to meet.

The Swiss Benevolent Society of St. Paul, Minnesota serves the greater Twin Cities area.

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