Preserving the Swiss Heritage in Minnesota


100-Year Commemorative Books

100-Year Commemorative Booklet Cover We printed a new batch of the 100-Year Memorabilia book at the slightly higher price due to a lower production quantity. Each book is approximately 300 pages and contains a fantastic history of our Swiss Society members. Perhaps you have a distant relative or a friend who does not have a book yet.

The black and white copy of the 100-Year Memorabilia Book is $33.50 plus $6.50 for shipping. E-mail if you are interested.

Alternatively, a color copy of the entire book and a collection of historic photographs of the society is also available on a data DVD for $9.00 plus $4.50 for shipping. A «data DVD» can only be viewed on a computer. You can use it to print your own copy of the book at Kinko's, Staples or any business that offers printing services. And you could even print it on your own printer. Or you can simply look at it on your computer, iPad or even on your smart phone if you'd like. E-mail and let her know that you would like to order a DVD.

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